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The Ceremony of Appointing Tie Fude as an Honorary Professor held in the School of Heritage

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In 19thJune, the ceremony of appointing Tie Fude as an Honorary Professor Position was held in the School of Heritage. Professor Chen Honghai, The present of the school managed the ceremony. Professor Fang Guanghua, the present of the University and leaders of functions departments anddelegateof teachers are attend the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the lead of human resource department confirmed Tie Fude appointment.Pro Fang grant a license to Pro. Tie and gave a short speech. Firstly, Pro.Fang welcome Pro Tie joined academic team. And then he also mentioned that the developing aim of the School of Cultural Heritage is becoming a dominant discipline in china and also in the world during next 5 years, and the school also takes a responsibility of inheriting culture and innovating traditional culture. Finally, he hopes Pro. Tie will bring our team to higher developing platform.

First, Pro Tie thanks the University to give him this choice to attend the academic team. He also expresses that he will do his best and work hard with the team.

After the ceremony, Pro.Tie give a speech namedthe origin of ancient paintings and conservation.

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