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Professor Lothar Von Falkenhausen Give a speech in the School of Cultural Heritage

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In 20thJune, 2012, the lecture namedKwang-chih Chang’ Academic Heritagewas held in the School of Cultural Heritage, which was presented by professor Lothar Von Falkenhausen. Pro.Fang Guanghua, President of the university, Pro.Cheng Honghai, president of the school, teachers and students more than 100 person listened to this speech.

In the speech, Pro.Lothar introduced Chang’s study and work experiences briefly, and then he commented main contributions of Chang in field archaeology, theory of archaeology, and building up the communication bridge between Chinese and foreign archaeological academic scholars. At the end of his speech, teachers and students asked some questions which related with the content of the speech and Pro Lothar also answered questions.

Professor Lothar is leading experts in archaeological research. He worked in Art History Department, Dickson Hall, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles. His research interests focus on China Brozen era, and published several books.

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