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State Administration of Cultural Heritage of Tibet Fair management cadre training is held in our school

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The morning of April 17, sponsored by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the Cultural Relics Bureau of Shaanxi Province and the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Relics Bureau Co, the third of Tibet Fair Management training courses hosted by the School of Cultural Heritage Northwest University held the opening ceremony. National Heritage Board authority deputy party secretary, deputy director of the Personnel Division, Huang Yuan, President of Northwest University, Fang Guanghua, deputy inspector of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau Qi gaoquan, director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Institute of heritage conservation, Habib, the deputy Director of department of experts and training, Division of Personnel, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Yan Shi, and the comrades in charge of heritage institutions in Tibet, Tibet Museology, School of Cultural Heritage, faculty representatives and the current training cadres to participate in the ceremony.

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