Archaeology (Discipline of Managing Cultural Heritage)

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The main purpose of the major is to cultivate high Applicative talents for managing Cultural Heritage. Through four years studying, students grasp various basic theory and knowledge of history, archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Museology and Management Science, has knowledge of humanities and social sciences and high management quality, master the basic knowledge and skill for Cultural Heritage conservation, evaluation and management, are capable of collection document, evaluation, making and practicing conservation plan.

Main Course

Ancient Chinese History, World Ancient Material History, Classical Chinese, Introduction to Chinese Archaeology, Legislations and Policies of Cultural Heritage, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, China Cultural Heritage, Managing Archaeology Sites, Appraise of Cultural Properties, Introduction to Restoration and Preservation for Historic buildings, Introduction to Conservation Plan, Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Museology, Introduction to World Heritage Management, Introduction to China Heritage Management.

Practice Training

Field Survey and Excavation, Cultural Heritage Survey, Conservation plan survey practice, Dissertation, Term Thesis  

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