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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Oh, dear. Not since November?

Although I've been much too busy lately to post here, I have had several things I wanted to share. Some thoughts on the rather unremarkable Soylent Green (but the author of the original novel says all I wanted to say, and more). The very lovely novel Outback Stars (Sandra McDonald) and its slightly less interesting sequel The Stars Down Under.

Unfortunately I just haven't had the time. The problem is that my partner on this blog, the venerable Billy Goat, has started a very new (and I think very interesting) project. Somehow I got suckered into writing PHP code for his new project, and it's turned into a surprisingly devilish code-feast.

At any rate, I think it's time to link to the new blog: Iron & Ash. The first post will be up on January 1st. Billy Goat's ready to roll but he's on vacation in internetless climes, so it's up to me to finish debugging, testing, and do the launch. (Again, how do I get suckered into this?)

I'll be continuing to make behind-the-scenes contributions until it's really running steadily, so I'm afraid this blog may very well languish unattended. But I really think you're going to enjoy what we're up to. Please visit Iron & Ash in January, leave a comment for BG, and above all else, admire the lovely text formatting: drop-capitals, smart quotes, em-dashes, ellipses. (Yes, I'm fishing... I've earned it!)

See you there!

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