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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Watership Down

I think we're all familiar with the novel by Richard Adams -- how beautiful and moving it is! But I was fortunate enough to locate a copy of the animated film.

It was dark and grim, a gritty story surely not suited for the very young. (Mrs. Troll swears she traumatized by watching it as a young troll-ling.)

I especially enjoyed the watercolor background (cel animation, I think it's called?). The soft and lush tones were perfect for the movie, and they contrast sharply with the pseudo-realistic computer animation used today. There is something amazing about the animation of a (any!) Pixar movie, but the modern emphasis on detail results in a loss of artistry.

Some scenes were unfortunately quite accelerated -- much must be lost when adapting such a lengthy novel to a film. It may be that those who haven't read the novel at all might find a few things somewhat confusing -- or it may not. I felt most keenly the loss of the incredible stories of El-ahrairah, alas. For those of us, however, who know and love the novel, we can easily follow the story.

And it is wonderful.

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Joel said...

Alas, I have not read the book yet. However, I did purchase a copy in a neat little bookstore down in Harvard Square!