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Friday, February 29, 2008

More Guts of "The Launch Rail Ticket"

Starting out, the writing was easy and a lot of fun. It involved only a little revising, mostly to fill major story gaps, fix typos, and to try to sharpen the hook at the end of each installment. The first segment was easy. The laid-back pie-in-the-sky feeling of it matched my mood as I wrote it.

I began the second part and started working out the details. It was then that I realized that Jeremy's quest was completely and utterly insane. But hey, now I was committed. Now I might as well make it work. So I did.

On day number two, I had the idea for the Anniversary Materials humor piece. I loved it, and Mrs. Gruff and I brainstormed some great ideas (I thank her specifically for the idea for year seven's theme, poison). I decided that Valentine's Day was the perfect time to post it, so I busted the first part out that night, and didn't get a whole lot of sleep because of it. The next day was even worse, because I found that I had under-counted the number of anniversaries for part two. Thankfully, Baby Gruff slept while Mommy was off teaching, so I was able to plow through most of part two uninterrupted. That project finished, I went back to Launch Loop.

The remainder of the writing was an exercise in figuring out everything that could go wrong, researching how exactly it would go wrong, and finding a snappy ending. Since I didn't have every little detail worked out before the week began, I ended up revising each piece more than I wanted to the day it was to be posted. Then, inevitably, eight hours after each segment was posted, Mrs. Gruff would say to me, "You left out a word in this sentence," or, "You used the wrong its." I am a recovering perfectionist, so this annoyed me to no end. I learned to have her read each piece right after I wrote it, because then I could feel like her editorial comments could catch my errors before anyone else saw them.

So, it was a busy week, and a learning experience. I have some more stories in the pipeline, but I'll probably create a new section of the site for them so they don't clutter up the main page. Also, I'll plan ahead a little better the next time I feel the urge to go on a posting spree.


Mister Troll said...

Cool! Definitely you guys should have more content! I encourage more posting!

-- the masses

Anonymous said...

Same here.


Mister Troll said...

Actually, I know I said this before, but I don't think we need a new section. A "fold" would be helpful.

Too bad Trolls can't learn JavaScript (it's a genetic thing).

Joel said...

Thanks for the support, guys. :)

Also, I had forgotten about the "fold" thingie. I'll look into doing that. I agree that it would be a nice feature to add.