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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Montreal Blogging

Mister Troll and I met in Montreal with our respective families over the past four days. We didn't get much blogging done, but we had a good time, nonetheless. We wandered aimlessly through tunnels under the city, followed our noses into cute bakeries and exotic restaurants, and tried to avoid the freezing gusts of the Angry Northern Wind God (as depicted on "High Wind Advisory" traffic signs in Quebec: A giant face that blows windy arrows in all directions).

Baby Gruff received the royal treatment in Montreal. Not only did he receive his usual fawning attention from strangers (you'd think we were a traveling petting zoo), but he was carried in a litter prince-like through the underground Metro system. His stroller functioned as the litter, and Mister Troll and I were his slaves. We were forced to carry him because the city is filled with stairs and escalators, but notably lacks elevators and ramps. The frequency of stroller-crushing revolving doors was also disturbing, although we could usually find hidden side doors to use instead. We saw a total of zero people with physical disabilities the entire time we were there, because the city is clearly not for them and they are presumably fed to wolves in supplication to the Angry Northern Wind God.

Despite this barbaric tradition, the people there were in general quite friendly.


Mister Troll said...

It was fun carrying Baby Gruff on his litter :-)

Although the utter lack of accessibility for anyone with a stroller or disability was quite shocking. Baby Gruff was probably popular because nobody can physically transport babies in Montreal, so a baby on the street is quite the novelty. (Or maybe they were judging whether he would make a suitable offering to the Angry Northern Wind God.)

A fun trip!

aspiemom said...

That sounds like such fun!

Billy Goat said...

@Mister Troll - I'm glad you had fun carrying him. I had fun, too, and I think he enjoyed it.

@aspiemom - We really did have a good time. Montreal is a neat city. Just sitting around in one of the many cozy little bakeries, chatting, sipping a froufy coffee-like drink, and eating a Mille-feuille (or a Napoleon for us English speakers) was wonderful (I'm tempted to say "sublime" but then no one would ever take me seriously again).

The Biodome was also great fun. It's kind of like zoo, with different sections set up to recreate different climates. Mrs. Gruff reminded me after I wrote this piece that we actually did see a bus-load of people with disabilities at the Biodome. This makes sense, because the Biodome was the only place in the entire city with elevators. I do find it sad, however, that the people of Montreal have decided that the best solution to their accessibility problem is to keep those with disabilities in the zoo.

Also, the Notre Dame Basilica was absolutely beautiful in all its ornate glory. It was a very solemn and wonder-filled experience. The one minor flaw in the whole experience was when the people inside acted insulted when I told them that it was unchristian-like to charge $5 to enter.

Mister Troll said...

This is why Mrs. Troll and I can't take you anywhere. How many times do we have to tell you not to taunt the locals?