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Friday, February 8, 2008

Feature Fiction! Short Short Serials!

Ever since Mister Troll and I went public with Books Under the Bridge, I've been a little unsatisfied with how frequently we post new content. We try to write thoughtful, thought-provoking pieces. However, this usually means that we only have one or two posts a week. This is nice, but I've wanted to post daily since we started the site. We've come close a few times, but it's hard to do that with the type of content we're producing. And I want something up there every day for our readers to get into. It's one of my goals for the site.

Then there's the creative problem. I can be happy writing articles, but I like writing stories better. However, I am much more critical of my fiction than my articles. I have two short stories that are sitting on my computer, waiting to be sent to a publisher. I don't know when I'll send them. I keep insisting to myself that they need "one more revision" or "one major fix." And until I get over my perfectionism, there is zero chance that anyone other than a few close confidants will ever read my work.

Fortunately, I think have discovered a solution to these problems:

Short Short Serials

Next week I will post the first of what I am calling Short Short Serials (or S3s for short). These are 5-day-long stories, posted one page per day. They're short, easy to digest, and hopefully fun to write and read. I have a few that are in progress, and the first one will be ready to go starting Monday. It's entitled, "Launch Rail Ticket."

It's clear that this will give us more content, and more creative content at that. However, how does it solve my perfectionism problem? Well, I like to think that I'll be hitting the problem from two directions. The shortness of the stories lessens the effort I have to put into the work while the deadlines force me to let go of the work.

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