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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The End of Mr. Y (Scarlett Thomas)

The End of Mr. Y is quite an odd book, but it is refreshing to read something new and different. (The closest thing that I have read is Goedel, Escher, Bach by Mr. Douglas Hofstadter.)

It's been reviewed already, and I am afraid that I really have nothing else to add. Check it out!

(Very short: both Billy Goat and I--independently--have rather important things swirling around offline.)


Billy Goat said...

I read the review you linked. It looks very interesting!

As for offline life swirlings, yeah, man. Someday I'll have a real home again, with an internet connection, and my books, and a car, and a washing machine....

Yeah, it's been hectic. Good job beating me to the next post. :)

Keishon said...

I was wondering...good luck BG. I read your about your new job.


Billy Goat said...

Thanks, Keishon! The big move is slowly working itself out, and I hope to be back posting regularly soon.

I especially want to make the TBR post this month. :)