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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cottage reading

Whilst Billy Goat was blogging like mad from the Poisoning Institute (sometimes I'm glad that the Goat family and I share absolutely no common elements in our respective diets!), Mrs. Troll and I were relaxing lakeside at the cottage.

(What? Trolls need vacations, too. I just leave a tin can next the bridge, a little sign says, "Please Pay Toll Here.")

So... some Cottage Quick Takes coming up. Check back in a few days for more!

Buried Deep (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Easy to describe this book: science-fiction meets Kay Scarpetta. I didn't believe it could work. No way. A gritty forensic-science mystery on Mars? But it really does work. I'm even more impressed as this novel is the fourth in a series (I'm not familiar with the Retrieval Artist series and so cannot say whether the previous novels also focus on forensic anthropology).

It's an interesting premise, one that makes for good science-fiction. Mars is controlled largely by an alien species known as the Disty. The Disty.... well, the Disty don't like death. A single dead body could cause major cultural contamination. A dead body is Really Bad News. So naturally when the Disty took control of Mars, it was only after the human government swore that none of those abhorrent human burials had taken place on Mars.

And then some human construction workers find a dead woman buried under a Disty city.


Dr. Aisha Costard volunteers to lead the forensic investigation, but her ignorance lets her step into a tangle of crime and interspecies law.

And then they find the rest of the bodies...


Billy Goat said...

Pardon my ignorance, but who's Kay Scarpetta? :)

I really have to watch out. I read your posts and then I think, "Ooh, that sounds fun. I'll go read that." However, this blog won't quite work if the only new books I read are the ones you've recommended already.

Mister Troll said...

Yeah, I'm having the same problem! Right now my request list at the library is maxed out, or I would be trying to read and comment on some of what you've posted.

As for Kay Scarpetta, she's the heroine of some forensic mystery books. They have a pretty decent following, but it's not my genre so much. If you just think CSI (with something closer to real science), you won't be far off.