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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Quick take: Pan's Labyrinth

I'd been wavering back and forth on seeing this movie. The previews looked great (it's like judging books by their cover: the quality of the preview always matches that of the movie), but I'd heard that the real story was about the Spanish Civil War.

Huh? The previews clearly show a little girl in some fantasy world. Who wants to see Fantasy-Meets-Hemingway?

Well, Mrs. Troll and a friend rented Pan's Labyrinth for the evening, and I was very pleasantly surprised. A fantastic movie, with an great mix of reality and fantasy, and a story that can be read on many layers. In fact, it is possible for a movie to be a great drama, and to be a creative fantasy as well.

My only warning is this: it's a very violent movie - not for anyone with weak constitutions.

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