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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Billy Goat's Contribution

My Role on this Blog

When we're not busy reading or recommending books, Mister Troll and I occasionally chat about our ideas. Two months ago, I told him about some blogging ideas I had. Well, that led the conversation back to his old website, which was, as he said, "a blog before there were blogs." We talked about it, and he asked me if I would co-write a similar site with him.

I agreed, so here I am.

On Taste

Mister Troll and I have different tastes, but we like many of the same things. We may not agree on everything, but we trust each other's taste well enough that we're recommending books together. Everyone has his own taste, but you may find that you generally like what Mister Troll, or I, or both of us like. If you do, then maybe you'll like the books we recommend that you haven't read yet. If you don't, maybe we can convince you through our hearty recommendations to give one of them a try anyway.

Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe is my favorite author. I probably own more than 80% of his collected works. I own books about his works. Now that you know this, I want you to know that despite what Mister Troll says, I do not believe Wolfe breaks rule number one. Also, I realize that he is not for everyone. For this reason, I will limit how much I discuss his work. Mister Troll's library only has room for a few Gene Wolfe books.

What I Want out of this Site

  • I want to talk about the books I have enjoyed.
  • I want to learn about great books that I may have missed from Mister Troll and you, our reader.
  • I want to write articles about books, writing, reading, and various related subjects. I'm an aspiring writer, and I'm an avid reader, so these subjects interest me.
  • I want to engage in literary analysis on occasion.
What I Don't Want
  • I don't want to write book jacket covers. I want to tell you why I liked a book, or why you should read a book, not give you a warmed over summary filled with platitudes and flowery praise.
  • I don't want to waste my time writing about books I disliked or hated.

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