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Friday, June 29, 2007

More about "Books Under the Bridge"

It's time to give a little context to this blog.

Several years ago, back in ancient history (2001), one of us (Mister Troll) started a website called (it no longer exists; if there is a site there, it doesn't belong to us). Just like this blog, The Crossroads was intended to provide reading recommendations for fantasy and science-fiction literature. Recommendations - not reviews. The Crossroads, alas, was way ahead of its time. It was a blog before there were blogs. Ultimately The Crossroads expired slowly, but we hope to revive it on blogger, with a more active community.

I will be writing new recommendations as well as re-posting recommendations already published on The Crossroads. My intent is to offer recommendations for literature that ranges from recent to obscure and unusual. Seventeenth century science-fiction? Check! Old English poetry? Check!

Particularly I look forward to hearing from fellow readers; please offer recommendations to us as well.

Let me emphasize one point. This blog will not review books. We plan to recommend books and perhaps try to give you a flavor of why we think this or that book is very good. We will not waste your time tearing into books that we think are bad. We will not dissect books that we think are good. After all, that's not what you want to hear when you ask a friend to recommend a book.

So please don't expect reviews; we won't do 'em.

And finally, above all else, consider Rule Number One: No author is ceaselessly brilliant.

No one. Not even Gene Wolfe, no matter what Billy Goat says.

Welcome again to our blog, and we hope you enjoy!


Billy Goat said...

Just because I belong to the Gene Wolfe fan club, does not mean that I think that he is ceaselessly brilliant! I am sure he has written a short story or a magazine article sometime in his past that failed to be brilliant. Of course, I haven't read it yet.

Mister Troll said...


Well, probably if we could contact the relevant Department of Motor Vehicles, we would find out that Mr. Wolfe filled out his driver's license application only adequately (gasp!).